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Timeline to 1986
01-10-59 Curt Kirkwood born in Texas and raised in Arizona
05-16-65 Krist Anthony Novoselic born in LA to Krist and Maria Novoselic
10-02-67 Floyd (Bud) Gaugh born
??-??-67 Robert Novoselic, Krist's younger brother, is born
??-??-73 Krist's and Robert's younger sister, Diana is born
??-??-79 Krist's family moves to Aberdeen, WA.
??-??-79 Bud meets Eric Wilson
01-??-80 Cris, Curt, And Derrick form The Bastions Of Immaturity
06-??-80 Krist sent to Croatia for a year to live with relatives
07-??-80 First Meat Puppets gig in Tucson, AZ.
??-??-81 Krist comes home and gets a job at local Taco Bell
06-04-81 Meat Puppets release their first EP on SST
??-??-82 Krist meets Kurt Cobain and Shelli (Hyrkas?) at school
??-??-82 Bud started Resistance
03-??-83 Meat Puppets II released
??-??-83 Krist graduates from high school and parents get divorced
??-??-85 Bud moves back to Long Beach and starts drumming for Juice Bros
??-??-85 Krist plays in bands with Buzz Osborne
??-??-8? Krist plays in a Melvin's satellite project, his stage name is Phil Atio
??-??-86 Brad graduates and moves to Santa Cruz for surf and college. Eric introduces Bud to Brad Nowell
??-??-86 Krist and Shelli become vegetarians

Timeline 1987-1995
12-??-87 Kurt and Krist form original lineup of Nirvana
06-??-89 Bleach released on Sub Pop
12-30-89 Krist and Shelli get married in Tacoma, WA
04-30-91 Nirvana formally signs with Geffen Records
12-??-91 Krist leads a march and petition drive at the state capitol building in Olympia, opposing Bill #2554
04-??-92 40oz. to Freedom released on Skunk Records
08-30-92 Nirvana headlines Reading Festival, England
11-13-93 Nirvana records Unplugged in NY session for MTV with guests the Meat Puppets
??-??-94 Too High To Die earns Meat Puppets their first gold record
??-05-94 Krist meets Venezualan folk singer Yva Las Vegas when she was hired for a birthday gig)
09-??-94 Krist stops drinking and doing drugs
01-??-95 Krist becomes president of Joint Artist & Music Promotions Action Committee (JAMPAC)
03-17-95 Sweet 75 play 1st US tour

Timeline since 1996
07-30-96 Sublime released on MCA and goes platinum
12-24-96 Six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey murdered
08-26-97 Sweet 75 release their first album, mostly written by Yva Las Vegas, with William Rieflin on drums (taking the name from a line in a poem by Theodore Roethke)
08-29-97 Krist joins Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters onstage at Bumbershoot Festival Seattle
09-20-97 Sweet 75 play 2nd US tour
11-01-97 Sweet 75 play only European tour, including Camden, London
??-??-?? Krist was in the band Sky Cries Mary
12-09-99 Krist joins Foo Fighters onstage for 2nd time
08-??-00 Sweet 75 broke up because of "creative differences"
03-??-00 Krist forms WTO combo with Jello Biafra, Kim Thayil and Gina Mainwal
01-??-01 Eyes Adrift began rehearsing
12-08-02 Eyes Adrift play 1st tour (27 dates+45 dates)
??-??-02 Krist earned his amateur's pilot license
09-24-02 Eyes Adrift released in US on SpinArt Records and goes on to sell 20,000 copies
01-27-03 Eyes Adrift released in UK on Cooking Vinyl
07-27-03 Krist announces that he quits the music industry.
??-??-03 Krist joins the advisory committee of Foolproof.org
11-20-03 Democrat Krist says he may run for Washington lieutenant governor in 2004

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